We take care of humankind by putting people
at the centre of everything we do

CSR is at the heart of the Group's strategy

CSR mission and commitments

Our mission is to support the most vulnerable people on a day-to-day basis. It is a societal responsibility that has always been at the heart of our strategy and values and that has guided our organisation.

A multi-faceted and tangible CSR

The nine pillars of our CSR are what set it apart. CSR runs through all levels of the company and drives our employees every day in their mission to serve others.

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9 pillars

at the core of our multi-faceted CSR


Natural CSR

Serving the public has always been
an inherent part of our activity to care for
and support every vulnerability.

This model, which brings together social, health and ethical requirements, is at the heart of our responsibility and our business.



Our CSR is primarily focused on local initiatives that bring us closer to every person, every facility, every region and every territory,
even when pursuing common and global objectives.

It consists of multiple initiatives that are present at all levels of the company and are shared by all : within the Group, within countries, within regions and territories
and within each of
our facilities.



We believe in inclusive management and collective
intelligence, the diversity of thought nurtured by
different life paths and backgrounds,
and the richness that allows us
to come together and go further.



ORPEA and its employees have
to challenge themselves every day.
We believe in continuous improvement, nurtured by humility, professionalism and ethics — three core values for ORPEA.

We are constantly looking at how the Group interacts with
and takes into account the expectations
of all our stakeholders.
This approach means that our objectives
get even more ambitious
every year.



We put people at the heart of our ecosystem;
beyond simply caring about others, we truly
support everyone, every day, building a
relationship of trust and a
shared and sustainable future:

employees, residents
partners and local



We promote a holistic vision/design of our business.

Our business is much more than just providing care or being present for day-to-day activities; we really take each person into
account to support them as a whole, by combining physical, social
and psychological aspects.



We are committed to each facility having an ethical ecosystem

that is open to the city and its inhabitants, working in close collaboration with
the local, non-profit, health, social,
residential care and even economic sectors, in order to contribute to the dynamism and
attractiveness of the territories
where we are located.



We are driven by a major societal challenge: recognising and giving a role to fragile people, making their voices heard, and changing
the way society views them.

When it comes to our employees,
we believe in inclusive management
that recognises and values their
individual characteristics for the
benefit of the group
as a whole.



Our operations are based on 30 years
of experience, know-how and daily
reassessments of our values,
our teams and the tools that
we are constantly working on to ensure
they continue to evolve —
not just today,
but tomorrow too.

We implement the highest quality
standards in every country where
we operate, making sure
to adapt them to the
local culture.

Our commitments


In both its nature and its mission, ORPEA is at the core of an ecosystem that serves humankind; an ecosystem that the Group wants to be open, lively, communicative and conducive to interactions with all stakeholders and at all scales, from the local level to the global stage.