Jasna Krijan

Regional Director of SeneCura Carinthia in Austria and Operations Manager for SeneCura Croatia

Jasna Krijan was born in Vinkovci, Croatia. After training as a registered nurse, Jasna worked for five years in a lung disease hospital in Zagreb. Then she moved to Austria where she learned German and joined SeneCura, the ORPEA Group’s brand in the country, also as a registered nurse. Year after year, she climbed the ladder and became Director of the Facility in 2008. Eight years later, she took over as Regional Director of SeneCura in Carinthia. In 2019, during the development of the Group in Slovenia, Jasna helped integrate the first SeneCura facilities in the country and supervised the new Head of Operations of SeneCura Slovenia.

Since 2020, Jasna has held the position of Head of Operations of SeneCura Croatia, in addition to being Regional Director of SeneCura Carinthia. In this capacity, she is responsible for the integration of the first SeneCura nursing home in Novaki Bistranski, Croatia, acquired by the Group in 2020, and two more at the start of 2021.

Throughout her career, Jasna has benefited from the support of her management to follow various training courses, like in 1999 and 2005 when she completed a university degree in Nursing Management.

“I have always received support and encouragement from my supervisors and the management of the SeneCura Group.”

We all live our philosophy of proximity 100% every day, which also means being closer to employees.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

First I had to learn German. Until 1993, I didn’t speak any German at all. Throughout my career, I had to face many challenges and assignments that allowed me to grow and develop both personally and professionally. At every stage, I have been able to make use of the experience and knowledge I’ve acquired along the way. I have always been curious to learn new things and I never thought that there was anything I couldn’t achieve.

How do you encourage your teams? 

It is essential to emphasise that every team member contributes to the success of SeneCura. It is very important that everyone is appreciated equally. We can only succeed as a team and also as a region, if one facility needs help, others must step in. The Coronavirus crisis has proven that we can rely on each other and that we must do so. All the unprecedented challenges of 2020 could only be mastered together, and we did just that. We have found common solutions and our mutual esteem has grown.

Do you have a guiding principle?

Treat everyone the way you want to be treated yourself. What is before us or behind us is nothing compared to what is within us. If we can show the world what is within us, miracles can happen.

What would you recommend to women for their professional development? Do you have any advice for them?

Have a vision and go for it. If you set goals, you stay focused. Believe in your strengths and be courageous and confident that you are the right person for the job. Be curious and never give up.

What has changed for women since you started working?

We’ve learned that in male-dominated fields, women can do just as well or even better. However, women sometimes still lack self-confidence, even though they are catching up.

What has become easier, what has become harder? 

Women have easier access to employment. However, they still often have to work harder and prove that they are doing a good job more than men. They often have the double burden of balancing work and family. It is therefore very important to work with a company that offers the same conditions for all employees and that is family-friendly, in order to make family and work compatible. You need to separate your work life from your personal life and enjoy every minute with your family and friends.

What do you wish for today’s girls? How will they shape their future? 

I want them to have the confidence to achieve their projects and dreams, and to know that almost anything is possible. It is important to have a vision, a goal, and to achieve it. Never give up, there is a solution for every task. Sometimes it takes a little patience and creativity.

Čvrsto hodaj poslije pada i širok osmijeh preko cijelog lica.” After a fall, walk straight with a big smile on your face.