Laure Frères

Well-Being Executive Vice President, Head of Quality, Medical and Corporate Social Responsability

After a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and a Master’s Degree in Hotel Management, Laure worked for one year in Management Control at a European contract catering company before joining ORPEA in 1998 as an Executive Assistant in a retirement home. Throughout her career with the company, Laure successively took on the role of Facility Director and then Operational Assistant to the Head of Operations for the Grand Est region. A few years later, when the Quality Department was created, Laure became coordinator and then Head of Quality for nursing homes and clinics, and was finally appointed Head of Quality for France and then for the Group. In 2011 Laure was appointed Secretary General for France and since November 2020, she holds the position of Well-Being EVP, Head of Quality, Medical and CSR for the Group.

“I was lucky enough to be able to continue my training during my career with the Group, first by taking an Inter University degree in Quality, then an MBA from ESSEC, and to be encouraged and supported by each of my managers throughout this process.”

Was being a woman an asset, a handicap or neither?

Neither one nor the other. Above all it is the values we hold that make the difference. The deep respect we have for the residents, patients and relatives, but also for all our staff, whatever their qualifications, origin, background, etc…

It is the team and collective spirit that will make the difference in a world where each person has his or her own skills and singularity that contributes to the whole.

What are your personal commitments to women’s rights?

That we no longer have to talk in terms of women’s rights and the equality index, etc. This is our conviction within the Group, that there is no differentiation, that we are above all committed to the fact that each person who wishes to be supported in order to pursue his or her career, get a degree, get new degrees and progress within the company can be supported.

What advice would you give to women who read about you to build their professional career?

Dare and take responsibility! Women should have more confidence in themselves and their abilities and dare to assert themselves and achieve their ambitions.

How do you see the evolution of society in terms of women’s rights?

It is important that women’s rights and their place in the world continue to evolve so that one day, finally, we will no longer have to talk about quotas, the equality index, etc.

Equality is not and must not be an end in itself, or the ultimate goal at all costs… we should cultivate our differences, as sources of mutual and complementary enrichment…

What are your dreams for the world of tomorrow’s girls?

We must believe in a world where consideration of others is in every sense of the word. In a world that gives each and every person a chance, taking into account motivations, skills and desire. In a world where we recognise that it is above all collective intelligence and teamwork that will make the difference, because it is this richness of different paths and thoughts that will allow us to continue to move forward and progress together. And finally, in a world where we can be collectively proud of what we have contributed in order to build a better ‘tomorrow’ for our children.